Either five kilometers or five thousand. Impossible to tell which.
Steve:i'm runnin 5,000 tomorow.
Rob:5,000 of what?
Steve:I don't know, they just said I'd be running a "5k"
by T-Weezie August 7, 2008
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When you run a 5k(3.1 miles) then take ice baths after. Often mistaken for its derivative Netflix in chill referring f*** but no it means just run and take an ice bath. So shut the hell up football players and stop saying you wanna "5k and chill" with the cross country team
jim:" hey susie wanna 5k and chill"
susie:" sure"

* runs a 5k then takes ice bath and no they did not "do it"
by bob.tom October 25, 2015
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The kids who’s horrible at siege on Xbox is a xim user and buys everything in the game
Carter: you don’t have everything in the game like my boy mood 5k does

Randy: yah, mood 5k bought the Jagër bundle that’s was like 2 grand
by Okay thank you for your nut March 14, 2022
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To "run a 5k" means to take a shit, or dump, or some form of fecal expulsion.

It is in reference to one Warren Buchanan, who, whilst running a 5k for charity, was prompted at mile two and a half to run off the course in a nearby parking lot and pop a squat. Also keep in mind he was wearing an all-white track suit at the time, which is why he had to run off of the course immediately, and not run the additional seven minutes to finish the course in fear of defiling himself in front of hundreds of runners.
"Hey Bill I gotta go run a 5k, that bean burrito ain't sittin' right"

"Hey Tim I can't talk now, I'm running a 5k...could be awhile"
by therunningman October 19, 2009
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A particularly physically taxing session of gay anal sex.
"Wanna go for a 5K run?"
"I'm so fucking tired right now, I could not"
by hunterforthepoon February 13, 2022
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