A name that lives in infamy, laughs allot and is quick to anger. Most likey a Gemini
Don't let Tomorow hear you say that, you know she a Gemini!
by Fiji_moogle December 21, 2016
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I don't like reading you're sad :( I think that's what's keeping me up tonight, along with my usual daydreams..

I hope you're ok.. sending you major hugs
I'm here..

Always will be
I hope tomorow is a better day 4u..
by 4_u September 28, 2023
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Several of my posts from last night should appear tomorow.. (today?) I hate this fucking time delay!

But it's meant rereading yours again.. I have a question.. what did you feel when your hands touched.. I love how excited you seem when you mention it

..it made my heart race like nothing I've felt before.. I had butterflies for hours
Hope you're okay.. and hoping 4 ur words tomorow!
by 4_u October 3, 2023
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