(adjective phrase) having the intent to leave a place or situation quickly and promptly; comes from the phrase "I'm outtie" which sounds like "I'm Audi" from which follows "I'm Audi 5000" (as in the car) which eventually became simply "I'm five thousand." See also "outtie" and listen to the outro of "Straight Gangstaism" by the Geto Boys for an example.
"This party was cool, but now I got to go. Peace, I'm five thousand, y'all."
by O'Malley June 29, 2005
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just wow.

Are you that bored? Are you not doing your homework like me?
kek: i just searched up five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes on urban dictionary!

ket: get a life
by katehasisses February 4, 2023
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A Fudge. A Balancing Figured. A Cluster Fuck Cover. A lazy man's fix.
Will Phoenix covered up his incompetence by shoving in a TEN THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED POUND balance figure in his mongaloid spreadsheet.
by Macfac January 25, 2019
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The primary vehicle of 77Pacer Studios: a red 1977 AMC Pacer hatchback automobile that's equipped with super high-tech gadgets, weapons, etc.
"I am the Spy Pacer Five Thousand (S.P.F.T.). 'SPFT' if you prefer."
by August 1, 2021
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