A name that deserves the utmost respect. The descendants of a warrior clan in Scotland. A force to not be reckoned with.
Man that guy's scary!
Yup... He's a Buchanan.
by Sharingan master 77 July 6, 2015
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to accidentally cum in your own mouth while being jerked off or while jerking yourself off
I was having a pretty good day until I buchananed myself and threw up.
by Deeaz October 16, 2010
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A snotty, materialistic person who is only concerned about their own welfare, but who deceives others into believing they actually have a soul.

Named after Daisy Buchanan from The Great Gatsby.
Tom: "Hey, did you see Daisy at the party?"
Nick: "Yeah. She's such a Buchanan, though. She was acting like she was way too good for the party."
Gatsby: "I still love her, though."
by GreenLightshine December 6, 2013
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Buchanan is a northern english term to discribe a foolish person, similar to a clown shoe
That guy is a total Buchanan, last night i was drunk and i was a total Buchanan
by thebeardgz May 2, 2011
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1) One who came from the district of Buchanan, a location near Loch Lomond in Scotland. From the Gaelic elements buth, meaning "house" and chanain, meaning "of the canon." 2) An anglicization of the German buchenhain, meaning "beech wood."

David Buchanan was the inventor of the cannon.
Kirill - "Hey mayn you need to shut your face Sabih"
Sabih - Tell it to my David Buchanan..cannon...cannon.
by Cannonator December 7, 2009
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A person with this as their first/last name is most likely a weeb or very weird person. This person is most likely to do weird things if you were talking to him.
That guy is so weird id say he has buchanan in his name.
by Squid man 2123 March 3, 2019
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