An all purpose household cleaner that removes even your toughest stains.
Some of these people should clean out their mouths with a little 409.
by sally June 21, 2004
When an individual consumes so much alcohol that he vomits everywhere and a bottle of 409 has to be used to clean up the mess.
After a hard day of partying the boys 409'd all over Nate's backyard.
by Snathan12345 June 25, 2017
an areacode that represents the southeast texas cities of Beaumont, Port Arthur, and Orange. better known locally as the golden triangle.
if ya in that 281, 713, 832, 409 that mean ya 3rd coast born, texas raised.
by texas soulja March 1, 2006
1. Awesome, fast paced song by the beach boys.

2. Cleaning product.
1. That car is a 409

2. 409 did wonders on my windows.
by supercubedude October 22, 2004
A first-generation Big Block Chevrolet V8 engine. It was in the middle of the three "W-head" engines offered by Chevrolet; the others being the 348 and (very rare W-head) 427. It was phased out by the Mark IV series "Turbo Jet" big blocks by 1965.

The 409-inch engine was first available in 1961, and dominated the drag strip and stock car circuits in the early 60s. In 1963, the Impala SS 409 produced around 425 horsepower; an impressive feat for the technology of that era.

The Chevrolet 409 is subject matter of the Beach Boys song of the same name.
Nothing can catch her, nothing can touch my 409.

My 4-speed, dual quad, posi-traction 409.
by MuscleCarMan May 27, 2013
A word created by Ellen DeGeneres, relating to the word Fantastic, 409 is a cleaning product, as is Fantastic. 409 is to be used anywhere in place of fantastic, because she says that word too much, and we've all had enough of it.
"That kegger last night was 409"
by Andrew Spence August 23, 2004
409 is the area code which comprises most of Galveston County in Texas. (The Northern part of Galveston county usually has a 281 area code.) 409 also includes the Beaumont area which is lesser known.

Houston people usually think of 409 as the area code for the Galveston area not the Beaumont area. 409 is more widely known for the Galveston area.

ghettoboy: Here is my number 409-***-****
Houston-emogirl: 409. So you must live near Galveston, right?
by crysci February 12, 2007