Nothingness in place of desired information.

Antonym: 411
Father: Son, where are you going?

Son: I'm just going to hang out with my friends.

Father: Aw come on man! Don't give me the 404. Where are you going?


(door slams)
by AbnormalBoy May 26, 2005
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A person who is "not there" or who is not performing their function well.
Good luck getting service, that bar was staffed by a bunch of 404s.
by narcolepticdoc February 15, 2012
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Please f*** off

Thanks mate

Put a shrimp on the `barbie mate

(shrimp = prawn for dem aussies mate)

Oh sh** it is a 404

Did ya say shrimp
*American who said shrimp gets bitten by an army of aussie spiders and aussie spiders then runs American over in his bogan ute*
by fatboiii1918 August 12, 2019
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Good God, not again!
by Steve March 16, 2005
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The most hated number, due to having connections with error messages.
404 - Sorry, this page cannot be found

Shit! The 404 came back to haunt me!
by NHRHS2010 March 5, 2011
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vb. to bounce, to get lost; to take an aimless, informal, or spontaneous excursion due to the need to escape responsibilities, stress, or wanderlust; to go AWOL or disappear

adj. lost, missing, absent and wherabouts /activities unknown
My boy Somiari went 404 in Nigeria for two years.


Excuse me, have you seen my dog? I think he 404ed.
by theWAX November 15, 2003
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