It’s 404…

dreaming of

the one I Love 💗
by Wanderlust_721 April 26, 2022
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A highway in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, which, ironically is home to HP, Intel, Xerox and IBM offices.
I totalled my Chevy on the 404.
by IanD August 24, 2005
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Area code for those inside the Atlanta city limits; Person living "inside the perimeter," as it were, as opposed to 770, the metro area code, for the suburbs... Also a term of pride tossed about casually when representin' the ATL.
Is she 404 or 770?
404, A-Town all da way.
by Patience Ann February 5, 2003
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404. That’s an error.

The requested URL was not found on this server.

That’s all we know.
by CanYouLikeNotPlease April 11, 2022
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Adjective: a vacant, stupid person. From the result given when you look for a website that is not there.
That guy's 404--he barely knows his own name.
by Stu April 13, 2003
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not found
sorry, this page cannot be found
by alex lowbrow March 10, 2004
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(v.i.) Out to lunch; not having it together; acting in a stupid way. Typically derogatory.

Derivation: the "404: Not Found" error encountered when surfing the web.
That luser's 404!

Today in class, Hsu was 404.
by The Grammar Nazi March 20, 2001
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