To be 404'ed is to be given an invalid phone number, email address, etc. by someone you want to contact again after a pleasurable, but brief, encounter, as in a crowded bar with your friends crowding in on your action.
"Man, I hit on this fine chick last night at the club. I asked for her number, but when I called this morning I realized she 404'ed me!"
by Burro1949 June 2, 2006
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Geek slang for someone who is clueless or doesn't understand something. From the web page error "404 not found".
Don't ask Tim, he's 404.
by MawBTS May 2, 2007
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A phrase used when one expects money to be available to them, only to realise that this resource is not actually available at the time it is needed.
Mandem 1 - oi oi, you still on goin' halves yeah?
Mandem 2 - on it, one sec..... Oh shit, you gotta be rampin'?! 404. Money not found!
Mandem 1 - Par.
by mdzc July 27, 2011
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from the HTTP error "file not found on server" Extended to humans to convey that the subject has no idea or no clue - sapience not found. May be used reflexively
"Uh, I'm 404ing" means "I'm drawing a blank".
by Biohertz January 31, 2003
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Nobody home.
Couldn't find it.
Nothing there.
Got to my girlfriend's house last nite, but that was a 404.
Don't bother trying, it's a 404.
Uh, not a 404 again!?! I've been trying all day!
Peter is a complete 404.
by shonny March 5, 2007
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In the early days of www, at CERN in Switzerland, the fault-tracing team was based in room 404. That's where the problems went to.
by johnhms July 12, 2008
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Not Found (No where to be found, ect.)
Orginating from internet page error 404 File Not Found
That Shit is 404
by DaMan November 28, 2002
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