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aka shit, crap, brown thunder, brown devil, dropping the kids off at the pool, you get it. It's the long, often chunky, brown substance which is shot out of your starfish into the whirlpool of death we call a toilet.
Fuck toilets, I'm prarie doggin' this poopy!
by w00t May 14, 2004

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Small, chunky brown object which is projectiled from one's anus and usually followed by methane releasal and yet another turd nugget, all directed into one's turd basket aka toilet.
I shot that turd nugget into that turd basket like a rifle
by w00t May 14, 2004

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Spanish for "I shit on ten", which doesn't make much sense in English. It's really a corruption of "me cago en Dios" (I shit on God).
When Pedro found out his car had been stolen he yelled: "¡Me cago en diez!"
by w00t February 23, 2005

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1) Not today, or tomorrow, but the next day.
2) A hollywood screenplay focusing on the dawn of a new ice age and the end of civilization as we know it.
1)The day after tomorrow is two freaking days away.
2) Woe, that movie could be good, except it's way unrealistic about a lot of things
3)Hey man, lets go smoke the day after tomorrow...it's crazy shit.
by w00t July 21, 2004

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A concept that you can't get your head around so you just sit there and do the verbal & mental equivalent of "?".
Uh? Headfuck!
by w00t April 02, 2004

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1. Engaging in actions resembling or reminiscent of faggot behavior. i.e. limp wristedness, lisping, wearing gay (pink) clothes, that sort of thing.

2. Complete, utter bullshit. Bullshit to the extreme if you will.

3. In an online game, acting like a faggot, or using gay weapons/tactics.
1. That limp wristed motherfucker is faggitry incarnate.

2. What the hell do you mean incomplete!?! That call was total faggitry.

3. Put down the AWP and quit with the faggitry jackass.
by w00t January 03, 2005

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The adress who point at your computer from your computer (loopback) kinda like

Some Windows program connect to localhost, and if you have a firewall enabled, you could get alert saying that something want to connect to localhost
DUDE, there is a guy named localhost who is trying to hack me!!!!!
by w00t March 02, 2004

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