To get rid of or give up on something or someone without their knowledge or consent probably when you are tired of that thing or person
Jade: are you going to the party with Lola

Bailey: yeah... but I'm gonna ditch her on our way
by hemerald April 11, 2017
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Not sticking to the original plans you had already made with someone.
Omg! Amanda ditched me for some guy when we were suppose to go shopping!
by Mj2142 February 18, 2015
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Run away from, abandon, someone/a situation, usually not a good thing. Usually without one's knowledge.
"They ditched him while he was watching a movie."
"This is really boring, let's ditch"
by Gdgfdg December 2, 2007
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Skipping from school / not going in to school
Omg Mary are u ditching from school again?!
by Marie February 12, 2004
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1) a large hole in the ground
2)when a friend leaves you all alone or has ran off
1) look at that ditch in the ground
2)oh my god I can't believe my friend just ditched me
by Girl on fire190 December 3, 2016
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a. To get rid of; discard: ditched the old yard furniture.
b. To get away from (a person, especially a companion).
c. To discontinue use of or association with: ditch the job at the hamburger stand.
d. To skip (class or school).
by Joss_M August 19, 2012
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An Australian Colloquialism, Ditch is the collective noun for a group of mates. It stems from the behavior "ditching", where an individual leaves a social situation without informing any other members of the group.
Hey mate, come down to the Vineyard, we've got a real ditch of mates down here.
by DewittNa. November 20, 2009
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