A 2KS, or Two Kitten Scenario, is essentially any situation you're in that can be improved by adding two kittens to it. Most situations appear to be a 2KS but there are some that aren't (e.g. swimming).
Man, I was at the KISS gig the other night & there was fireworks & stuff. And then Gene Simmons was spitting blood.

That sounds like a 2KS.
by _klimmy_ August 16, 2009
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The most accurate test of human strength and endurance-halfway between a sprint and a long distance piece: a 2000 meter row. This way, your lungs are starved for oxegen, and your mucles burn too.
Timmy was hauled away on a stretcher after his latest 2k.
by theergmeister August 27, 2006
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Possibly one of the most evil and physically demanding activities that an athlete can ever be forced to attempt. 2000 meters rowed either on the water or on an erg.
After learning that they had a 2k the next day, the entire team was thinking, "Awww, shit."
by Biron3000 January 22, 2008
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The most painful & stressful period of minutes where a rower places oneself on the erg and is determined to finish in the lowest time possible. A rower pulls the distance of 2000 kilometers, hence the name 2k.Extreme amounts of water must be consumed before the painful experience to hydrate the mussels. Talk about lactic acid, your body is full of it and crying out for help. During this time period, you will cry, scream, sweat, and be full of pain. However, the dreaded 2k may determine your seating position, so there is no time for slacking.
COACH: we will have a 2k test on friday
by qwwgghb July 09, 2006
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A shortened name for "NBA 2K__". (Insert year in the blank, like 2K13.) Since NBA 2K has become the de facto NBA simulation game, much like Madden for NFL, many people understand "2K" to mean the basketball sim.
"Don't nobody wanna see me in that 2K."
"No class today for me; 2K just came out."
by anonymous2134123 February 09, 2013
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Their is a problem with your conection to our online services. Please vist www.NBA2K.com/status for up to date information.

Error code: 512f0500
2k: Hey idiots we want more of your money for a worst game.
by 12er5ttf June 29, 2019
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1. Used as a reference to the NBA game.
2. Used as an expression of excitement, like yeet and skrrt.
3. Used as a verb meaning to take or snatch something.
1. Hey bro, wanna come over and play some 2k?
2. Ayyyyy 2k!
3. Did u see what Nigel did? He just 2ked that girl!
by ScOrPiO_91 March 09, 2017
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