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The most Asian and second most Jewish (Churchill=#1 for Jews) public school in at least the state of Maryland. One of the most liberal and preppy schools in the country. Churchill sucks.
Oh my gawd I only went to the mall twice this weekend. Ugh.
by lazylatvian May 07, 2005

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A suggestion for the speed you should drive on a road. Except for a few idiots everyone drives at least 5 MPH over the speed limit.
Whenever there is a cop around people slow down to the speed limit.
by lazylatvian May 08, 2005

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The driver's nightmare. Basically the only highway to get around the DC area. Idiot magnet. Watch for people in the left lane doing 50 MPH.
Whoa! An accident! Never seen one of those! I think I'll slow way down and stop traffic just to look at it!
by lazylatvian May 07, 2005

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An interstate in Maryland that can get backed up at any time even though it is 6 lanes on each side at one point.
It's a miracle, no traffic!
by lazylatvian May 07, 2005

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a sharp knife or knives
tas ir loti ass nazis
by lazylatvian April 08, 2007

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A good tourist city, home to the American government. Just stay out of southeast and don't go to Dupont Circle at night.
No one from the DC area knows why people get excited about going to DC.
by lazylatvian May 07, 2005

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A region that should be an independent state. Home to the worst drivers anywhere. Mostly rich areas.
1: Where are you from?
2: Virginia.
1: Haha, you're a hick!
2: No, I'm from Northern Virginia!
by lazylatvian May 10, 2005

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