The year where nothing will get any better from the previous year.Donald Trump will officially be our president and we will have too hear 2,000 more sexual allegations against him.A lot of more beloved celebrities will die and other well known people will die.Another year where Hillary and other people can't face the fact that Trump won.Nothing good will happen.
Joe-hey, are you ready for 2017?
George-another year of shit falling to crush us all? thanks.
by Steveyman December 24, 2016
A year not yet over at the time of writing, but one that easily puts 2016 to shame. 2017 has been 10 months so far of face-palming Trump decisions, doom and gloom, depression, nuclear threats, a rising hard-Right, terror attacks, treason investigations, and really, really, shitty pop music. Like, really bad.

Now don't come to me complaining about the celebrities that died last year!

It's okay though. It's not the end of the world. It's just another year in the accelerating decline of it.
"Oh well, at least 2017 isn't as bad as 1917."
by áutechre November 8, 2017
The year in which everything happened, from cringey music videos to Fortnite.
by h2008 June 15, 2018
the year was a shit show.
2017 is almost over.. thank god.
by ganggang666 December 29, 2017
Gosh golly trump is president bye 2017
by Bag-o-dicks February 10, 2017
Thx God I've made it trough all der struggle, truble, crimes,

The god I've made it to a new... The God im still alive afta der shit dat I've bin trough...
I've made it to 2017
by SN££KZ January 1, 2017
1) the seventh year in the second decade of twenty-first century in the common era, in which Donald Trump was inaugurated into the Presidency of the United States.

2) deeply troubling
2017 is the most 2017 year yet.
by R-Santorum October 31, 2017