Today. Well probably not for you
Well why would you search it then?
me: today is may 24, 2017
Somebody: cool cool
by BenSoccer May 24, 2017
YouTube Rewind 2017 was known as going to the space of "google hell". Google Hell is being constructed. By Google.
"YouTube Rewind 2017 sucked. But not as hard as it blows ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)"
by geoxydia April 23, 2018
The best day to start dating
“I wanna ask that hottie out” said Tristan Thompson

“Well the best day to start dating is October 21 2017” replied Lexi thompson
by LexiM.0988 October 18, 2019
The saddest day on earth, the day a king died. We should all celebrate Kim Jonghyun as he was amazing and he deserves all of the love! #ripSHINeeJonghyun
Do you know SHINee?

Why did you have to say that?
Now all I can think of is December 18, 2017 !!!
by Skskskskskskandioop December 17, 2019
The first total solar eclipse to cross the continental United States coast to coast since 1918. A striking natural phenomenon in its own right, it has been hyped up by NASA and "eclipse glasses" manufacturers as something that cannot be missed, lest those who miss it be incomplete for the rest of their lives. Like other events that are blown out of proportion (I'm looking at you Dana White), money stands to be made by convincing people that they must see this. Hotel rooms in Hopkinsville, Kentucky for example are all but sold out in anticipation for the "event of totality" in which the sun will be completely blocked by the moon for 2 minutes and 40 seconds. Problem is; if there is even light rain occurring that day, people who have traveled thousands of miles to see a "once in a lifetime" event (even though total eclipses happen multiple times per decade) will see nothing. There are thousands of other natural phenomenon that occur regularly such as volcanoes, The Door to Hell, aurora borealis, etc. that one has a guaranteed chance of seeing if they spend their money to get to them. Life will go on as usual after this eclipse, until a̶ ̶b̶o̶x̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶m̶a̶t̶c̶h̶ another event comes along that whips the general population into a frenzy.
Person 1: Brah, you driving to South Carolina to see the 2017 Solar Eclipse next week?
Person 2: You is cray cray home skillet. I prefer to maximize my bi-weekly financial gains.
by HotPcktz July 27, 2017
Poorly thought out and inefficient way of preparing teens for adulthood

The school staff is full of middle-aged cucks or teachers, principals, and counselors for short.

Counselors like to take little situations way out of proportions.

Teachers take pleasure in seeing all of our hopes and dreams crushed. They only way you could prevent this is to become a “teacher's pet” and you’re forced to basically suck them off until graduation. Routines include a large amount of homework with a only one day to complete it, unexpected quizzes with questions that don’t relate to any of the topics you learned/worked on, and not putting in grades on time but when they do it’s late credit.

Principles don’t really do anything besides mingle around the school.

“Education System”
We learn pointless things and do pointless things that won’t benefit at all. Why learn how do taxes for a business when you can make clay pots in art class? High school credits don’t make sense at all and you have to do extracurricular things just so you can graduate. The only useful core class is math everything else is basically useless

Not worth it just wait until you get home

I would mention the cancerous students but I just hit the character limit :/

All in all high school is just a waste what’s supposed to be “The best years of your life”.
Elementary Student: So high school gonna be?
Me: A complete waste of life just drop out while you can.

(High School in 2017)
by _King_Daniels_ November 9, 2017