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"How dare you call Hitler a Nazi! Slander!"

The rebranding of a bunch of loosely-collected quasi-fascists who share a bitter hatred of the Left and a generally misanthropic, nihilistic outlook (that is, towards anyone that isn't them). Their ideology is usually vague, though they all have a dislike of intelligence, tolerance and femininity - and democracy, of course.

The Alt Right's ranks are full of under-educated white men who transform their inner insecurities into rage, and that rage into misguided spite. The two main subsections are the autistic 4chan keyboard warriors (you'll hear them use the word soy boy even though they probably only leave their bedrooms once a week), and the tiki torch marchers, who have been known to use their feet to walk. They also murder people from time to time.

It's an unholy combination of the bullied kids at school who are only a few steps away from shooting it up, and the old-school neo-Nazi youths (also bullied at school), some of whom are now actually fully-grown adults.
"Alt Right schmalt schmight, we all known its called they're fascists."
by áutechre September 26, 2018
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When a society forgets the lessons from the past and becomes increasingly erratic, confused, and sometimes, aggressive and violent.

Example: Now.
"America is experiencing societal dementia."
by áutechre June 20, 2018
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Use this in a definition for a word and everyone will downvote it. Using it labels you as an SJW which is, like, really bad. That being said it's correctly applied to a lot of things, like certain subsections of society.

Being called "sexist" is almost as offensive as being called "racist" to Right-wingers, which is funny considering it basically comes with the territory.
"Trump is a flagrant sexist." Pretty simple.
by áutechre September 26, 2018
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The reduction in the meaningfulness and relevance of individual controversies as they are swallowed in a sea of other concurrent controversies and outrage. Comparable to economic inflation.

A symptom of the Internet age and the neverending cycle of overreaction, bitterness and hostility. It is not necessarily entirely a reflection of the proliferation of controversy over minor events, given that the news is also filled with many shocking events of great magnitude. The fact that it is easy to forget what mind-numbingly stupid thing Donald Trump said two weeks ago is also a symptom of outrage inflation.
We'll all soon forget that time Trump nearly declared war by mistake thanks to outrage inflation and the 24-hour news cycle.
by áutechre November 7, 2017
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Something we all need a serious break from.
"Isn't it ironic that the internet - that thing that contains almost all human knowledge - is somehow making us dumber?"
by áutechre December 5, 2017
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A word we’ve somehow allowed to become an acceptable synonym for “woman”/“girl.” Also spelled “ho.”

Also, a prostitute or promiscuous woman.
“Yo, check out those hoes over there.”
by áutechre August 7, 2018
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An "alternative," "indie" artist who writes "alternative," "indie" songs, and who is definitely not a pop singer. Absolutely not.
"Bro, I can't get over how alternative this Halsey track is."
by áutechre July 25, 2017
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