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An "alternative," "indie" artist who writes "alternative," "indie" songs, and who is definitely not a pop singer. Absolutely not.
"Bro, I can't get over how alternative this Halsey track is."
by áutechre July 27, 2017

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"How dare you call Hitler a Nazi! Slander!"

The rebranding of a bunch of loosely-collected quasi-fascists who share a bitter hatred of the Left and a generally misanthropic, nihilistic outlook (that is, towards anyone that isn't them). Their ideology is usually vague, though they all have a dislike of intelligence, tolerance and femininity - and democracy, of course.

The Alt Right's ranks are full of under-educated white men who transform their inner insecurities into rage, and that rage into misguided spite. The two main subsections are the autistic 4chan keyboard warriors (you'll hear them use the word soy boy even though they probably only leave their bedrooms once a week), and the tiki torch marchers, who have been known to use their feet to walk. They also murder people from time to time.

It's an unholy combination of the bullied kids at school who are only a few steps away from shooting it up, and the old-school neo-Nazi youths (also bullied at school), some of whom are now actually fully-grown adults.
"Alt Right schmalt schmight, we all known its called they're fascists."
by áutechre September 26, 2018

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Electronic Dance Music. A term seldom used correctly, EDM is not a genre of electronic music but rather a classification that covers any electronic music that is intended to be danced to. Thus most Techno and House music, as well as most electronic in general, falls into the EDM category. In more specific or informal usage, EDM describes intense rave-focused genres such as Brostep, Electro House and Hardstyle.
"The best way to troll an Aphex Twin fan is to call his music EDM."
by áutechre November 07, 2017

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A year not yet over at the time of writing, but one that easily puts 2016 to shame. 2017 has been 10 months so far of face-palming Trump decisions, doom and gloom, depression, nuclear threats, a rising hard-Right, terror attacks, treason investigations, and really, really, shitty pop music. Like, really bad.

Now don't come to me complaining about the celebrities that died last year!

It's okay though. It's not the end of the world. It's just another year in the accelerating decline of it.
"Oh well, at least 2017 isn't as bad as 1917."
by áutechre November 08, 2017

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Mainstream nihilism.
“Some people say making regular memes into deep fried memes is not a real job. I disagree.”
by áutechre August 07, 2018

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Someone who grew up primarily in the 1990s, or who has a fanatical attachment to that decade regardless of the fact they were born later. 90s kids and the "things they remember" are a popular subject for irritating Buzzfeed-esque pop culture lists extolling the virtues of that decade.
27 Things Only Unhealthily Nostalgic 90s Kids Will Remember
by áutechre July 27, 2017

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"REAL MEN are conservative."

"The environment? The environment is for fuckin' pussies."

"It outrages me when the Left gets outraged. Bunch of nutcases!"

"The Russia investigation is a witch hunt! Also, Hillary Clinton practices black magic and her father is bin Laden!"

"Putin is an American hero!"

"The government did 9/11, not the global terrorist organisation that hates the America and the West and claimed responsibility, and continued to carry out attacks all over the world until the rise of its successor Islamic State which continues to try to attack the West."

"The Earth is flat because aliens and NASA and the US education system failed me."

"I don't have any real ideological stance, I just agree with anything Trump says because I don't actually have any morals."

"I hate Jews but I hate Muslims even more so I won't say anything about how the US helps Israel. That being said I will happily drive over holocaust tombstones with my pickup truck given the opportunity."

"I'd rather have my deep-seated atavistic fears and urges govern who I elect than rational thought because intelligence is for libtard cucks."

"Anything other than conventional masculinity sends me into an existential crisis."

"Molesting kids is fine. Just don't use a private email server. Or be a Democrat."

"I TOTALLY respect Martin Luther King for all that he did."

"Obama eats children alive!"

"How dare you call Hitler a Nazi!"
"The Right has lost all credibility."
by áutechre September 25, 2018

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