A "code" language a group of teanagers used when pretending to be hackers.

Word got out that they weren't really hackers, they where just noobs.

Ever since then, the "Language" has been used to somewhat "Mock" internet junkies.
0m|=6 j00 |2 73h P\/\/n20|2

by Nerd0 January 21, 2005
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n. someone very good at counter-stike or any other multiplayer online game (cept maybe the sims)

adj. something "elite"
n. daym that guy is l337

adj. that was some 1337 sh1t man
by val March 27, 2003
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the year that all "teh ub3r 1337 hAx0rs" were born in and even since then they have been little faggots who sit at their computer 1337 hours a day watching meatspin and call it hax0ring
faggot: I AM SO 1337
bill: thats a number you fucking idiot
by joooohn November 20, 2006
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Ascending to a whole other level of skill in something related to the electronics underground, such as being proficient at video gaming, hacking, phreaking, etc.
"Dude, did you see how many fucking combo moves I just executed? That was 1337!"
by Ratte II June 29, 2005
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It means "elite" as in "elite speak" (sometimes called hacker) which is this odd language net people speak where they replace letters with numbers, impossible to read.

1=l 33=ee 7=t, leet.
what d0 ypou mean that im Hard to understAmnd????? 1337 speakR oXOrz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~~~~~ olooololo....

(What do you mean that I'm hard to understand? Elite speak rocks!)
by Newbia April 26, 2004
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1337 meaning elite.

Came from Counter Strike. ANYTHING ELSE IS STUPID.

1337 Krew was the counter strike model. Today people are newjacks using the word 1337. Condition Zero or Source is also newjack.
Pick the 1337 krew guy, he's 1337.

Guy 1: I just dropped a 30 bomb.

Guy 2: 1337

by jackncokejr May 10, 2007
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An extremely gay word used by people who think they're cool when in fact they are huge fags.
gamer 1 - that guy's name is 1337pwnage.

gamer 2 - what a faggot.
by Chuch Norris 213 fan July 04, 2009
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