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1. To treat somebody or something with scorn or contempt.

2. Mimic somebody: To imitate somebody in a way that is intended to make that person appear silly or ridiculous.

3. To prevent something from succeeding in a way that causes frustration or humiliation.

4. To provoke or annoy someone.

1. Mocking someone in an annoying way.
2. Mocking someone in a funny way.
3. Just mock someone.
4. It's the same as provoking someone in an annoying way.
by Jafje April 10, 2007
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1. Imitation: made to appear like something else, usually something older or more expensive.

2. Pretend: Done as an act, especially in order to amuse people.

3. Practice: done as practice for the real thing.

1. To mock leather.
2. Frowned in mock disapproval.
3. Mock exams.
by Jafje April 10, 2007
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A clever blend of monster and cock defining a penis of gargantuan proportion. Generally seen among African American Men. Referring to both length and girth, a mock can be viewed either as appealing or revolting, or erotically both at the very same time.

Mockerena- the act of thrusting forward and backward, resulting in a dead-weight like flop. this pendulum motion can be paramount in thin pants with no underwear.

catch phrases: "solid as a mock" "a mock to remember" "sidewalk mock" "New York NickerMOCKERS" "rock out with your mock out"

Penis like a russian missile pussy is the target. Mock.
by Mighty Joe Hung April 03, 2011
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A possibly fictional sweater which resembles a turtleneck. It is generally worn by drunk, pant-less men while on vacation.
Have you guys seen my pants? I'm freezing! This mock neck isn't enough to keep me warm.
by Str8 Busta May 13, 2010
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Hehe says mock is the same as mimic, but my parrot mimics me and he is NOT mocking me- he is incapable of "deriding" me
same as above(mock)
by larryl March 01, 2013
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The mocks are a practice test that all Irish students in third and sixth year take for preparation for there junior/ leaving cert. it’s all a fucking waste of everyone’s time and puts too much stress on everyone.
Teacher: Now don’t worry, it’s only the mocks!

Unfortunately, all teachers say this but in reality, they will beat you if you don’t do well 🤙
Sponsored by: edco exam papers
by Robzfee29 January 31, 2019
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Rural inbred farmer, Uncultured, ignorant & oblivious to all when intoxicated. Travel exclusively in large groups when away from their natural surroundings. Tend to wear tight haircuts & identical shirts with sleeves rolled up. Often found brawling outside bars and clubs.
"On your bike you filthy mock"
"Get away from me you durty mock"
"That Guys a major Mock Savage"
"Tim - Fred, How about mcsoreleys for one?
Fred - Good God no, its teaming with mocks"
"There`s a serious smell of mock in here man"
"Theres a Heavy mock content in that place dude"
by Dr Longshaft March 22, 2009
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