Someone who can consistently solve a rubik's cube.
Some whiner complained that speedcuber contained a link to the above definition when that's not what it meant in context - why not add the definition you want instead of complaining?
by Random832 January 5, 2005
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A person who actually has an interest in Rubik's Cubes and knows how to solve one. Usually surrounded by Non-Cubers.
Person 1 was such a cuber. He could solve any Rubik's Cube.
by NonCuberCGU April 11, 2017
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One who solves twisty puzzles like Rubik's cubes
My friend is a faster cuber than me
by Ultimatecuber April 17, 2016
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A Cuber is someone who is seemingly always doing or saying something stupid, and makes no effort to avoid doing these things.
"I heard Adrian accidentally flushed his phone down the toilet, what a Cuber"
by Salt_For_Salt February 24, 2020
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Will typically be a Sexy Indian boy toy who loves fondling toy cubes. 300% Alpha male and gets loads of pussy from his massive speedcubing clout.
Person A: Holy shit dude, that guy is so fucking sexy! Did you see how fast he solved that fucking rubix cube? Jesus Christ!
Person B: Yea, thats a Cuber, he does that all the time, the combination of his sexy indian model body and his cubing prowess is just too much for bitches to resist, he gets more pussy in a night than we ever will in our lifetime. All of them are like that.
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Someone Who Can Solve A Rubiks Cube At Sonic Speed
Does Cuber Mean Ur Good At Rubiks Cube
by Thanks_Kind_Stranger October 9, 2019
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A person who likes to play games on the Nintendo Gamecube.
Putting cubes up someone's cunt is NOT what 'cubing' means!
by Random person November 17, 2004
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