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An animated show that was cancelled by FOX and moved to Adult Swim that is for some reason always compared to Family Guy (because they're fighting for time slots on Adult Swim) and The Simpsons (because they were created by the same guy).
by Newbia April 28, 2004
1)When something is translated into another language, and sometimes translated back into the original language, and because of differences of the languages some of the original meaning is lost.

2)Whenever someone re-does something in a new medium (for instance, a movie based on a book) and, due to differances between the mediums, some details and the original meaning is not present.

3)A movie that came out in 2003.
1)See larstait's post for a good example.

2)"Did you like the new Harry Potter movie?" asked Maria. "No," answered Sharon. "They couldn't include all the details that were in the book because then the movie would be too long. A lot of the characterization and subext was lost in translation."

3)I really liked Lost in Translation. And if you didn't, your opinion can't possibly be worth anything, you must be an idiot or a philistine. No, I didn't just imagine the subtext, it's there and it's very moving!
by Newbia September 1, 2004
It means "elite" as in "elite speak" (sometimes called hacker) which is this odd language net people speak where they replace letters with numbers, impossible to read.

1=l 33=ee 7=t, leet.
what d0 ypou mean that im Hard to understAmnd????? 1337 speakR oXOrz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~~~~~ olooololo....

(What do you mean that I'm hard to understand? Elite speak rocks!)
by Newbia April 27, 2004
In real life--

Able to read and write.

In roleplaying--

A good roleplayer. Specifically, a literate roleplayer does not use chatspeak, spells word correctly, and has proper usage and grammar. Literates are less likely to be desperates or n00bs and generally roleplays well.

If you see a thread with "LITERATE ROLEPLAY/LITERATES ONLY" in the subject line, it means they only accept people who have good grammar.
1. The literacy rate is 97% in America, meaning 97% of Americans can read and write.

2. The difference between a literate roleplayer and an advanced roleplayer is that being advanced specifically states that you are good at writing (i.e. descriptions, characters) but literate just means you have good grammar, although they're often used interchangeably.
by Newbia April 10, 2005
When a person (usually a singer) gets money in a way that takes away there personal intergrity.
Many people called the artist a sellout when she changed her image to something more popular and sexy.
by Newbia May 30, 2004
1)Year 2000. (Y=year, 2k=2 times k, k being short for kilo which means 1000)

2)Computers only counted the last two digits of a number, so they didn't know the difference between 2000 or 1900. This would cause various problems with dates and finances, and would cause a big mess. People were panicking and saying that when 2000 rolled around, all the computers would crash and the nuclear bombs would go off or something.
Good thing I'm Amish, Y2k won't affect me!
by Newbia May 30, 2004
An overweight Star Wars fan from Quebec. He taped himself pretending to fight a lightsaber battle (every time I try to see it I'm redirected grrr) which is supposed to be so bad it's funny. Some of his "friends" uploaded the video to the net. Soon 5 million people saw him. Oh dear.
Well, I may be embarrassed but I'm totally famous.
by Newbia April 27, 2004