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A channel on TV devoted to showing animated shows. During the day these shows are aimed at children. Later on you get a slightly older crowd and a lot of anime. Starting at 11 each night (except Fridays) you have adult swim, which is a block of programming devoted to animated shows targeted at the 14+ category.
Cartoon Network is a pretty good channel. It is better than Nickelodean (though I still think Nick's good) and adult swim is the best.
by Newbia September 01, 2004
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A spam letter that says if you don't send this letter to X number of people within X number of minutes something bad will happen to you. If you do send it then something good will happen to you (despending on what kind of chain letter it is)
1.Post this on ten other message boards and your wish will come true! Proven!

2.If you don't e-mail this to ten other people you will have bad luck for the rest of forever.

3.Proven! Send this to ten other people and you WILL be in trouble!
by Newbia April 26, 2004
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-When someone is "cool" they are popular, suave, and you like them.

-something neat and pleasing.

-"That's good, and interesting." You say that version of cool when you're not really listening.
1.Look at Fonzie. He is so cool.

2.Your car is so cool!

3."I just got a new car." "Cool."
by Newbia April 27, 2004
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1)The language of the people who live in France.

2)Short for French kiss which means to put your tongue in someone's mouth when you kiss them.
1)I had to learn a second language in school so I chose French.

2)While I was making out with my boyfriend, he put his tongue in my mouth, which later I learned is called a French kiss.
by Newbia June 10, 2004
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An animated show that was cancelled by FOX and moved to Adult Swim that is for some reason always compared to Family Guy (because they're fighting for time slots on Adult Swim) and The Simpsons (because they were created by the same guy).
by Newbia April 28, 2004
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In a story, it means,"Meanwhile, in another part of the story,"and has nothing to do with ranches.
Timmy put the finishing touches on his painting. Meanwhile, back at the ranch , Lolita was finishing her cake.
by Newbia May 04, 2004
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1.A word that is inserted randomly into a sentence. Most people use it just because they're used to it, even some English teachers, and they won't use it when writing but will say it without meaning to. It used to be what you said instead of "um" but not people are so used to it they say,"Like, um..."

2."so I was all like" means "I said"
1.So I went to the mall and there was this, like, really cute shirt. And I, like, asked how much it cost.

2.So the guy was all like,"You should use proper english and say 'I said'," and I was like,"Don't, like, tell me how to talk..."
by Newbia April 26, 2004
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