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1.The dictionary definition is happy. However, this is archaic and few people use it any more except in the phrase gay old time.

2.Homosexual, especially homosexual males but can be used for lesbians as well.

3.A generic insult. It can mean bad, stupid, whatever you want it to mean.

My Opinion:

Don't say that something is gay as an insult. I find this highly immature, mostly because it is often used when people can't think of a proper insult even when there is nothing homosexual about whatever they're insulting.
1.Jeremy was in a gay mood after getting an A on his test.

2.The people in The Village People are gay.

3."That is such a gay shirt,"remarked Robby.
by Newbia May 30, 2004

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A famous actor and rapper. He has been in several movies and his own TV Show, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Most people believe he is a better actor than rapper.
"I just flew over here from Tokyo and am travelling to South Africa on Sunday. I'm so jetlagged, sometimes I even forget to be sexy."--Will Smith
by Newbia September 19, 2004

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1)Year 2000. (Y=year, 2k=2 times k, k being short for kilo which means 1000)

2)Computers only counted the last two digits of a number, so they didn't know the difference between 2000 or 1900. This would cause various problems with dates and finances, and would cause a big mess. People were panicking and saying that when 2000 rolled around, all the computers would crash and the nuclear bombs would go off or something.
Good thing I'm Amish, Y2k won't affect me!
by Newbia May 30, 2004

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He is well hung: He has a large penis.
Wow, that guy is either well hung or he stuck a ball down his pants.
by Newbia June 29, 2004

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-When someone is "cool" they are popular, suave, and you like them.

-something neat and pleasing.

-"That's good, and interesting." You say that version of cool when you're not really listening.
1.Look at Fonzie. He is so cool.

2.Your car is so cool!

3."I just got a new car." "Cool."
by Newbia April 27, 2004

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Someone who believes that abortion should be legalized.

There is a differance between pro-life and pro-choice. Pro-life people want to stop abortion because they think it is wrong. Pro-choice people may think abortion is a good or bad thing, but they want women to have the right to do it even if it's not a good choice to make.
Josephine is pro-choice, because even though she thinks abortion is wrong she believes in womens rights.
by Newbia June 10, 2004

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A long time ago (I believe the 80s) there was a game show in Japan called Takehashi's Castle. 100 people would try to take over a castle, but to get to it they'd have to go through obstacles, most of which were extremely dangerous and extreme, and if you lost the game you were eliminated.

Years later, Spike TV took the show and turned it into a show called Most Extreme Elimination Challenge, or MXC. They dubbed it badly with funny, often perverted commentary by the two host Vic Romano and Ken Blankenship, and edited out the prizes and things like that.
Break your neck, win a toaster!

"What do we always say? DON'T GET ELIMINATED!"
by Newbia June 17, 2004

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