A curiously addicting simulation game by Maxis, in which one creates and controls an enviorment modeled after our own, giving one a "God-like" power.

This game allows you to build characters (called Sims), which includes customizing their clothing, personality (and thus, zodiac signs), careers, and homes.

All Sims speak in their own interesting, nonsensical language, which is conveyed also by convenient "bubbles" over their heads that express fascinating topics such as skiing, ufos, economics, or perhaps food.

Unlike today's society, Sims are not restricted by gender, sexual orientation, appearance, nor skin color, although they may not be very bright. Sims face many obstacles throughout their days, such as going through doorways when another Sim is in their path-- often leaving them utterly baffled and confused. They also have a tendency to leap to their death when there is a kitchen fire, for they cannot resist the need to run toward it and express their terror and fear in the form of screaming, flailing, and thought bubbles.
The Sims scenario
Sim 1: Oh my. What is this quaint contraption? Ah! A doorway! Oh, what's this? Why, another Sim is in the doorway! How ever will I pass? Surely I couldn't just squeeze by, or ask Mortimer to move, for I am but a humble Sim, and cannot manage such a feat! Therefore I will just stand here and shrug repeatedly until I am manually placed elsewhere by my Master.
by Casey St.John September 4, 2005
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An ingenious attempt by Maxis to make money by making so many expansion packs that people somehow cannot resist buying. Has a larger market than any other computer game as it's a game where both hardcore teenage male gamers and normal people can actually relate to.
Buying all of the expansion packs of the game individually would cost hundreds of dollars. Especially for those so impatient that they cannot wait for packs to merge the expansion packs together.
by inquilinekea June 24, 2005
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A computer/Console game that simulates life.

A great source for sitcom ideas/material.
I'm writing a sitcom based on my family from the sims.
by Carl Harper April 28, 2008
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a genius game made by electronic arts, (not maxis)which, after long periods of play, replaces your own life with the life of blocky people who you control. one of the best games ever, and statistically one of the best selling computer games ever.
the sims is an awesome game.
by jdunmer1018 March 10, 2005
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A great PC Game made by Maxis where you control people's lives.
The Sims 2 is comming out this fall.
by joe c August 24, 2004
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Awful computer game, where you serve as a god/deity that invokes your will on people too stupid to know when to take a shit, walk to the mailbox, and wake up in time for work.

The adults appear to have a mental illness, and a poor attention span, as they cannot stop chatting about soccer, airplanes, mountains, money, and the local burglar without crying a river, run back into their house, pee over the carpet, and still welcome their guests in to their kitchen, where a thriving colony of roaches and ants are having a squaredance in tile:#3457.

Sometimes the children are smarter and more active than their parents, keeping their fun, comfort, and social levels up, while somehow attaining a genetic trait that grants them immortality. However, if they ever miss a single bus when the time arrives, a humvee arrives to take them to military school.

Often its funnier to make the lives of your "victims" as agonizing as possible, rather than making them successful and prominent members of Simian society.
I built a two story blood-speckled castle for the Weyland family, a tribe of demons visiting Sim-Estates to harvest fresh souls for the summoning of Cthulu. Already in the first 24 hours I had killed 80 Simian men.

Ah the joys of The Sims!
by Chang Tan May 30, 2005
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a game over a computer where you live the life you wish you had but never could get (for the most part because 1 of u has had to have acomplished that life)
guy1: hi

guy2: hi

guy1: do you play the sims its great you can go to parties, live life, get layed and have fun

guy2: no i dont

guy1: ha ha your a loser

guy2: no im not im doing all the shit u just listed tonight and i do it every other weekend and even better its not behind a computer

(guy2 walks away)

(guy1 stands there feeling like a retarded douche luckily he quits the sims and 6 months later at a party he meets guy 2 again)

(guy1 sees him)

guy1: hi

guy2: hi loser

guy1: wait i changed the sims is retarded

guy2: oh cool

guy1: yeah

guy2: wanna ditch this lame ass part and go have a beer then get layed by some hot chicks

guy1: alright

the end =)
by Skimboarder November 30, 2009
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