In scoring, used to represent a team with 12 score and a team with 1 score. (See 12 to 1 or Twelve to one.
An equation, equal to 11.
Our team is losing 12-1.
by GravityManipulationUnit June 7, 2020
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1/12 means that time of the month. 12 months in a year, and the 1 represents one month of that year
Jessy: "Brandon is such an asshole."
Brandon: "1/12, lmao."
Jessy: "What does that even mean, ugh."
by Yeuheuhe123 August 4, 2021
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Marijuana, aka grass, herb, etc. Take from the same bible passage "And the earth brought forth grass, herbs yielding seed after their kind; and God saw that it was good."
I was supposed to go to church, but I stayed home and studied Genesis 1:12 instead.
by thegreatdelmonte June 11, 2013
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When you finna put it one yo loved one, i'm talkin bout the freak shit: doin it anywhere, goin down, anytime anyplace or anything 112(the group) can tell you to do. The passion is blazing
It was his birthday so you know i had put da 1-12 on him.
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Richard: "What does that tattoo that says "12/21/14/1" mean?"
Johnson: "it means cock"
by hazmat music August 12, 2022
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A ratio equal to 12:1, 24:2, 36:3, 48:4, 60:5, and 72:6
Not to be confused with 12:01, 121, or 12-1
There is twelve roses for every 1 dandelion. (A 12:1 ratio)
by GravityManipulationUnit June 7, 2020
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