To call or shout
If you need help, just holler.
Give me a holler when you are ready to be picked up.
Stop your hollering
by MMNaps January 25, 2017
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in the south east mountains of the united states this word is used instead of hollow;A small rising valley region between two hills or mountains;often containing a creek; and of course it can also mean to scream or yell.
He ben mared bout fie yer now ;livin bout a mile up tu holler he got a place onu east side the crik.=He has been married about five years now;living about a mile up the hollow;he has a place on the east side of the creek
by polksalad September 26, 2010
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1. v. To shout loudly, especially when in pain.

2. v. To yell at ill-behaved children who normally reside in the southern United States.

3. v. To address a friend, colleage, or object of romantic pursuit; the caucasian form of "holla."

4. v. An expression meant to express agreement with another person's declarative statement; the caucasian form of "holla."
1. "When he dropped the hammer on my foot, I hollered so loud that the whole neighborhood could hear!"

2. "I could see Cletus tryin' to kiss his sister from across the yard, so I hollered at him to stop before I got my favorite switch."

3. "Holler at your boy," or "Holler at me tomorrow, girl."

4. Person 1: "Yo you have no business pimpin' like that with those new sneaks, son."
Person 2: "Holler at a baller. I got 'em yesterday."
by TheTripleBizzle May 1, 2006
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noun. Version of the word "hollow" in the southern dialect.

"Spend my dollar, parked in the holler 'neath the mountain moonlight" -Alabama
by WoS_Cogline February 28, 2006
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a friendly term used to express excitement by a person lacking color (caucasians)
Karen: Hey theres a hot party tonight

fyi: karen and pat are both preppy white kids
by BOBBYGDAWG August 6, 2005
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1. Interjection: an exlamation of greeting. 2. Verb: a) to party; b) enjoyable, pleasing or beautiful.
1. Holler, Tom. Holler back, Pete.
2. a) Gordon got split and hollered into the wee hours. b) I recommend the trout meuniere; it hollers.
by Mike Geraty June 6, 2005
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phrase used when you see a hot guy or girl.
Wow! Did you see that guy over there? 'Holler!'
by miss_medina May 8, 2007
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