A 12 is a teenager. When you are under 18, you are a 12.

It really doesn't matter if you aren't basically 12. 13,14,15,16,17. If you're any of these ages, you are a 12. Period.
Boy: I'm under 18.
Boy2: You are a 12.
by dragonbludz July 03, 2009
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the most awsomist number ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
usually a good day of the month=D
if you see anything to do with 12 anywhere its a good day
jill: wow im having a really bad day
jamie: im sorry,, hey i know something that can cheer you up!
jamie: here jill i made you some thing
<jamie hands a drawing of a 12 to her friend>
jill: thanks i guess :-S
jill: wow i just got a boyfirend i learned im making an A in english and i am invited to lahlas party tommorow!
jamie: told ya it would make you feel better
by lynnsalter February 12, 2008
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To clarify, 12 is not the cops, not the police. NO. 12 is the narcotics officers that show up at your door, or the drug task force in other words the DEA (Drug enforcement Administration). aka why in the song fxck 12 by migos he says "throw that shxt throw that shxt 12 outside" refering to throwing the drugs because the DEA or 12 is about to kick the door down.
"That's 12 outside man!!!! hide that shit"
by asiabooper April 04, 2017
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Slang term commonly used for police. It’s origins are rooted in the amount of members to a jury which was referred to 12 or the 12 in the early 70s-80s Ex. Rather be judge than 12 than carried by 16. Through the late 80s and Early 90s this developed into a term for the police around the same time as 5-0.
it’s fuck 12 till they free my brothers out the system
via giphy
by YHGCOOK February 26, 2021
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(The bitch ass police aka with out that badge a bitch an 1/2). cause when they show up to harass you/fuck up your day. They come 12 deep.
by Water2Good June 16, 2020
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