To clarify, 12 is not the cops, not the police. NO. 12 is the narcotics officers that show up at your door, or the drug task force in other words the DEA (Drug enforcement Administration). aka why in the song fxck 12 by migos he says "throw that shxt throw that shxt 12 outside" refering to throwing the drugs because the DEA or 12 is about to kick the door down.
"That's 12 outside man!!!! hide that shit"
by asiabooper April 04, 2017
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1 - ADAM - 12 is the number of the car the fucking police drove in an old ass 60's tv show. When we trap and the fucking police come round we holler 12, cause motherfuckers did on the show. It means that the fucking police are coming around.
by COTrapper November 07, 2017
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