The combination of #1 and #2. In other words, when you have to pee and poop.
by z JF z December 14, 2009
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Any girl that is not 18 (AKA of legal age) is automatically labeled as being 12.
Guy A: Ummm there is WAYYY too much 12 here for my taste.

Guy B: Great... I shouldn't have to card my own dates!
by Rock Hardigan September 27, 2008
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People who are younger than you, you call them "12".
Kid on Xbox live: Omg!!!How did I miss that shot!
Me: Shut up, you're 12.
by Hottish November 01, 2015
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10-12 is a cb-radio 10 code which means "visitors present". It was a way to let someone on the other end know to be careful on what they said. Today it can be used to warn someone to stop talking about something or to be careful what they talk about at that moment.
Hey we got 12's.
Uhmm I was going to say something but there are 12's.
by testit143 April 15, 2007
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Verb: the act of giving oral sex to someone

Noun: a person that gives blow jobs
Jaunito: yo man how was last night?

Pedro: man it was great!!

Juanito: why what happened?

Pedro: I got a 1-2 from hoedini

by random boner club February 04, 2010
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1. Westec Intelligent Surveillance slang for ignoring someone or something.

2. To disregard per special instructions.

3. First step in a Zales' Burg Alarm.
I tried calling Matt Bennett to see if he wants to party but he 12'd me.
by notMPT July 29, 2011
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