The most beautiful number ever created by a mathentist. 12 is whenever i am happy. 12 is whenever the sun rises. 12 is 12. Love is 12.
by ILOVETHENUMBER12 January 31, 2017
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1. Westec Intelligent Surveillance slang for ignoring someone or something.

2. To disregard per special instructions.

3. First step in a Zales' Burg Alarm.
I tried calling Matt Bennett to see if he wants to party but he 12'd me.
by droe1021 July 29, 2011
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Just like in the movie "Shrek", Princess Fiona turns into an ugly Ogre at 12a.m.. 12 is the time of day where the most beautiful girl, whose beauty is literally too good to be true, grows an enlarged werewolf male reproductive organ and yells "abbbblllllllaaaaaaa" for about a minute while walking on all fours. This is usually a turn off for most guys, but some may find this attractive. When kissed during the transformation the beautiful girl will become an overweight male New York City subway performer, who honestly isn't even good, but gets money because of his crooked eyes. So she should not be kissed during the transformation or else you will end up loosing another $.75 to a clinking cup.
Hey Crawford watch out for Taylor, it's about 12.
by Fat-guy-toh May 31, 2011
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The name you give people who act alot younger than their actual age. Especially guys who are acting very immaturely in public.
He's so 12.
by seriouslyonlyme April 12, 2009
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1 - ADAM - 12 is the number of the car the fucking police drove in an old ass 60's tv show. When we trap and the fucking police come round we holler 12, cause motherfuckers did on the show. It means that the fucking police are coming around.
by COTrapper November 07, 2017
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12 means 12. It could be the answer for something you don't know the answer to.
"Dad what is sex?"
by Solechimp March 12, 2021
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