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cutting down a name (preferably a 2nd name) then putting a 'z' at the end of it... then adding -a-tron will give you a sexy and sleek name that will have the ladies in at you like raw meet to a pack of hungry wolves ;)
malz-a-tron..... volkz-a-tron.... being inventive and adding a 4 digit number afterwards like MALZ-A-TRON 4000 (TM!!! 4evz : )
by malz November 17, 2006
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An amazingly funny guy with a fun spirit. Always the life of the party. Has a negative mind and can tell straight up. Sometimes causes fights between friends and uses his past experiences as references for advice. Is a sexual person meant for any human, and loves to laugh and have fun with anyone. He makes everyone smile, but can also ruin friendships for himself by being too much into something. Keeps everything low-key, but never reveals his secrets unless it's a close friends. Loud, obnoxious, fun, amazing, uplifting, and loving. How he chooses to act and say can make or break his life.
"Man, Atron really brings the life to this party"

"Atron ruined me and my best friend."
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by JayLoveBachler May 20, 2018
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