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Þóra is a name from Norse Mythology and simply means thunder. Þóra's are known for being wild trouble teenagers. They drink, smoke, do drugs and yes they do have sex. Gotta love them!
That girl is crazy, no wait that's just Þóra
by wildgrl March 06, 2010
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Verb. To totally freak out someone with something totally obscure in nature and often involving to much information.

also used to describe someone severly ADHD who's had much to much Kool Aid and has gone totally insane or becomes accidentally violent with excitement. Often "rape-hugs" people without warning.
Thora's often are confused with Psychotics, due to the illogical sophistries that run through their minds and out their mouths with little control. Thora's in public is a catastrophe, because Thora's don't know how to handle people. Often, they will have melt downs under pressure and become very paranoid.

very similar to drug addicts.

also see Pulling A Thora
"Dude, She called me and totally thora'd. she said she wants to eat babies and join a nudist colony.."

"He drank 3 gallons of Kool Aid and had a seizure! He definitely pulled a major Thora.."
by Nickole009 December 09, 2008
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1. Sinhala word for seer fish.

2. Nickname for S. Thomas' College Mount Lavinia
1. hey pass me that thora maluwa (seer fish)

2. dude thora totally pwned the royalists at the basketball match.
by anarkali April 03, 2009
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For people who don't have a big vocabulary. Can replace any word in the dictionary;meaning it is interchangeable
ie; " Grab me a thoras in the fridge bor"

also fyi, the meaning of bor is " This name is chosed only for the sexiest guys. It is also known that all Bors have huge dicks". Referenced by Hecko123 "Bor." Urban Dictionary. Accessed January 03, 2018.
by TwanSavage January 03, 2018
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