You would leave it under a myspace picture comment. "^_^ aww"
by Schriefer December 15, 2007
A smiley face. It's meant to look asain. Most commenly used to express happiness, but sometimes sarcasm...
Boy: Heey..
Girl: hi...
Boy: I missed you..^_^

Person: Fuck you. ^_^
Other person: Wtf?!
by i love you too. November 9, 2008
1) Something ripped out of them anime faces, literally used every post when it comes to those Wapanese, exaggerated anime fans, or generally any audience that tries to act like they were born from Japan.

2) A lot of asians don't even KNOW of this smiley.

3) If not used by the Wapanese, it is used to express some joy and generosity. Although ':)' is much better.
1) Fukai Fukai Moriiii, I love Inuyasha, kupo ^_^ I can translate it in english, kupo. ^_^

2) '^_^' <-- What the fuck IS that!?

3)Thanks for the help. ^_^
by Overload October 15, 2005
An anime-ish smiley face commonly used by Korean children and fat 30-year-old American anime fans.
wau~~~~~~ ^_^
by Shinigami June 13, 2003
Dude I just smoked a rillo so ^_^
by DGWHAT February 22, 2011
Sheer stupidity. Even worse than the :), ;), and >:( combined. Used by those truly unfortunate souls who are both unintelligent AND unpopular. Users tend to be either asian; or, more commonly, fat and lonely anime nerds. May also use "leetspeak," which is just as bad.
SSSJVegeta04958939: I f0und th15 4\/\/350/\/\3! 1337 DBZ h3nt41 s1t3!
Normalmcnormalson: Um. Okay. Have fun with that. Leave me alone.
SSSJVegeta04958939: Ch3ckz0rz 1t 0ut! ^_^

Normalmcnormalson has added SSSJVegeta04958939 to his block list.
One of the many faces the people of the internet, mainly prepy high school girls, use to "perk up" an im message or a myspace page.

This one means slighly happy or glad
gothguy: ... then i slit your BFs throught cauz i saw him cheating on u
prepgurl: Like OMG! thank you ^_^!
by SilkyZ December 29, 2005