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A person who is blindly, fanatically loyal to Microsoft. Will immediately buy anything with the Xbox logo and mindlessly insult anyone who doesn't share their fanaticism, and would proclaim a blank disc with "Halo" scribbled on it to be the greatest game ever made. Rarer than the Nintendrone, but no less lame.

See also: pathetic, fanboy, moron
Silly Xbot, Halo's way better on PC.
by Shinigami March 7, 2005
A celebratory exclamation. Believed to have originated in Quake II capture-the-flag matches, as an acronym for "We Owned the Other Team".
by Shinigami September 16, 2003
a retarded person.
taken form the 80's/90's public service announcement willing us to preserve america's mentally and/or physically handicapped (there was a handicapped person standing in a feild of garbage saying "i sort glass, its my job, i was bad at first but now im good at it... dont throw me away.")

can also be used as an insult, tho will generally confuse those who hear it.
after seeing a friend mess something up "haha! nice one! way to be a glass sorter!"

"ahh geez.... i had to work with this glass sorter today... it was the pits!"
by Shinigami July 19, 2003
1. Of or resembling shit.

2. Lame, uncool, or otherwise bad.

3. Microsoft Xbox.
by Shinigami August 19, 2003
j-punk engrish for floating
I've got a red hot chili flozing away.
I've got a red hot chili floating away
by Shinigami April 26, 2005