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A person who is blindly, fanatically loyal to Nintendo. He will immediately buy anything with the Nintendo logo, mindlessly insult anyone who doesn't share his fanaticism, and would proclaim a blank CD with Mario's face on it to be the greatest game ever made.

See also: Nintendrone, fanboy, moron
by Shinigami August 16, 2003
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A name only held by those higher than anyone else, taken from the ancient jap word shini - high and gami - godlike.
my god i wish i was like shinigami, hes so awersome!
by Shinigami August 2, 2003
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I typing style commonly used by AzNs that resembles the typing style of a retarded child with a broken Caps Lock key.
by Shinigami June 13, 2003
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The Microsoft X-box. A collection of outdated off-the-shelf PC components that were crammed into an oversized piece of plastic and called a game console.
The X-box isn't a console, it's a PC-in-a-box!
by Shinigami March 7, 2005
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j-punk engrish for floating
I've got a red hot chili flozing away.
I've got a red hot chili floating away
by Shinigami April 26, 2005
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1. Of or resembling shit.

2. Lame, uncool, or otherwise bad.

3. Microsoft Xbox.
by Shinigami August 19, 2003
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