Wau is a number from the infamous Vihart video. It is commonly known to equal one. In such video she mentions many ways to write it. She picked the letter di-gamma, or Wau because it sounded like Wow.

Wau is just Wau.
Person 1: E to the i to the e i o equals e to the wau to the tau wau wau.
Person 2: What are you talking about?
Person 1: Oh i'm just reciting a Vihart video. Here's the link: *link would be here*
Person 2: *watches video* Wau! Wau is just aWAUzing!
Both of them: HAHAHAHA
by Oreole1 December 11, 2016
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The moment, when you don’t know how to answer to someone but you appreciate or agree with what the person said
Tess: “Omg, you’re looking so cute today!”
Maddie: “wau”

Jea: “Man, I wish it wouldn’t be rainy today but sunny!”
Emily: “wau”
by evvlia October 23, 2019
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short for "what about you?"
normally used on msn and facebook chat
could also mean "where are you?" or "who are you?" depending on the contex
by PCGamer2 June 28, 2009
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A misspelling of the word, "Wow."
Used especially for especial disbelief.
Tammy: Wau, did you hear that thunder!?
Miguel: Wau!!
by miguelluis April 13, 2012
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What About you
person 1: hey

Person 2: hey what's up
Person 1: nothing much wau
by mystical elf March 10, 2015
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to be in such a state of amazement where the only words that can be spoken is "wau (^O^)"
by Alezmx October 23, 2019
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Short for "Warez-R-Us", old warez channel of the time when public warez were a community... not xdcc and p2p crap. Currently inhabited by idlers, drunks and otherways social outcasts.
bada-: i got msged by anthraxxx yesterday
WhsprMind: yea?
WhsprMind: lemme guess what it said
bada-: k
WhsprMind: "tell whispermind go fuck yourself"
bada-: lol no
WhsprMind: was i close?
bada-: i dont even remember
by Pip-Pip January 4, 2005
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