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Slang for cigarillo - a small narrow cigar which typically has the tobacco emptied so it can be refilled with weed to make a blunt.
Hey, sell me one of your chocolate rillos.
by Bomni February 8, 2005
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While rillo can mean the specific, blunt-like variety of tobacco product, the word is more frequently used to mean simply "cigarette". See Rill.
Man, that was a long movie, I need a rillo bad.
by vox monitor July 4, 2005
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a rillo is the other side of the the skin that joins from the anus to the back in between the cheeks.that sometimes looks red while chucking a browneye.
Ive been walking all day and now have chaff on my rillo..or i didnt wipe my ass properly last night and now have dried crap stuck in the hairs in my rillo .
by Ansen Hawkins September 27, 2006
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Filipino slang for a man with 3 ginormous fat rolls (“corn dogs”) behind his neck.
by Boner- 8inch August 1, 2019
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Cardboard-Rillo's A word from East Sacramento usually used in place of cigarillos, but can be used to describe any cheap swisher cigar ninety nine cents and lower.
She wanted the kid to slide through, but she didn't have no Wood's all she had was Cardboard rillo's.
by Rouleng Payhpurz December 19, 2014
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