1.) A post in a forum/message board that indicates the person agrees with a previous or quoted reply to a thread.

2.) Shorthand for "My thoughts exactly" or "me too".
Joe posts: "Urbandictionary.com is a great site for learning forum speak."

Floe responds: "+1"
by Joe Mama April 28, 2004
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Used by forum posters when a person agrees with a point. Sometimes used incorrectly when referring to one's postcount going up.
by JiTek May 19, 2008
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Your Significant Other, Date, Wife, Hetero-Life-Mate, etc.

The person that goes along with you to events, or just accompanies you through something like a night out or the rest of your life.

From invitations and guest lists, ie. Gary Applebottom +1.
"i don't have a +1 for tonight..."
"sorry, couples only - put an ad on craigslist"

by pcka February 25, 2009
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A statement that shows the writer's approval of an aforementioned idea, phrase or concept.

Similar to 'like'-ing on facebook.
John - "Wow, that was the most amazing movie ever!"
Adam - "+1 to that, man"
by Korsyn01 March 21, 2011
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+1 is sarcasm directed to those who overjudge roleplay scenarios to the point where they might as well be recording interactions in a numerical system. It is used when an rper does something smart or innovative to push past the barriers of rp. For example, if a streamer kneels at a vending machine, points to it, makes it clear that they are purchasing it, etc.
:nerd: +1
by doaidusaoduadoiaduads June 1, 2021
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+1 is used on forums by spammers who want to raise their postcount by 1.
by Stiffer August 8, 2003
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A term used by D&D role-playing geeks to indicate that something is better than the standard variant. It often bleeds into online chat and forum posts.
1. OMG this Nokia 6800 is so cool, it's like a +1 Cell phone or someothing.

2. I came so fast, that must be a +1 dildo
by Mystech September 25, 2004
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