1.) A post in a forum/message board that indicates the person agrees with a previous or quoted reply to a thread.

2.) Shorthand for "My thoughts exactly" or "me too".
Joe posts: "Urbandictionary.com is a great site for learning forum speak."

Floe responds: "+1"
by Joe Mama April 28, 2004
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As a telephone number, +1 represents the North American Numbering Plan - which covers much of the English-speaking Caribbean as well as Canada, the US and its possessions. It's much like the "+1" concept in event invitations - you want to invite Canada, but they won't come unless you let them bring their loud, obnoxious neighbor as a "+1".
Life was so much simpler before the phone companies found computers. Instead of singing "PEnnsylvania 6-5000" all of the musicians stand up and call out "+1-212-736-5000" now? Where's the tradition in that?
by bitchuck September 23, 2023
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Used by forum posters when a person agrees with a point. Sometimes used incorrectly when referring to one's postcount going up.
by JiTek May 19, 2008
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Your Significant Other, Date, Wife, Hetero-Life-Mate, etc.

The person that goes along with you to events, or just accompanies you through something like a night out or the rest of your life.

From invitations and guest lists, ie. Gary Applebottom +1.
"i don't have a +1 for tonight..."
"sorry, couples only - put an ad on craigslist"

by pcka February 26, 2009
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A statement that shows the writer's approval of an aforementioned idea, phrase or concept.

Similar to 'like'-ing on facebook.
John - "Wow, that was the most amazing movie ever!"
Adam - "+1 to that, man"
by Korsyn01 March 21, 2011
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+1 is sarcasm directed to those who overjudge roleplay scenarios to the point where they might as well be recording interactions in a numerical system. It is used when an rper does something smart or innovative to push past the barriers of rp. For example, if a streamer kneels at a vending machine, points to it, makes it clear that they are purchasing it, etc.
:nerd: +1
by doaidusaoduadoiaduads June 2, 2021
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+1 is used on forums by spammers who want to raise their postcount by 1.
by Stiffer August 8, 2003
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