1. most cars that try to go for the fast and furious look, but fail badly by using 9.95 autozone parts.

2. aka the "package"
1. Dude's 95 Neon looks like fucking junk with all that cheap plastic draped all over it.

2. When my ex found out I was cheating on her, she blasted me in the junk with her high heel.
by Ricky Roma September 30, 2003
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Female anatomy - Labia minora, clitoris, clitoris hood, esp. in a state of distention (enlarged, visible below or outside the labia majora).
Woah, check out the chick in this porno - her junk's all hangin' out!
by Mr. Spork June 06, 2005
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As a Verb: to dispose of something/somebody; particularly used in reference to a former mate
My gal was counter-productive to my goals, so I junked her and traded up to something far more
by Etch June 16, 2012
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A word used in urban areas like South Florida to describe anything
Ay that junk is fire
by Broward Kid November 29, 2016
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The flappy bits of the sex organs for either a man or a woman. Usually used in a positive way to describe the labia minora and clitoral hood of a women or the scrotum and foreskin of a man.
That stripper just stretched out her junk about 3 inches! Ima get me some of that!
by mememetoo June 24, 2018
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reproductive parts of both males and females. It can include the external parts such as testicles or the inner parts such as a uterus.
1. Male example: "It's freakin' hot out, my junk is sweaty and sticking to my leg."

2. Female example: "Dude what's wrong? You look pale," first girl.
"I'm ragging and need some midol. My junk really fuckin' hurts," second girl says to the first.
by ChanLynn January 21, 2008
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