A girl that sexually excites a boy but leaves him with out sexual stimulation; a girl that acts interested in another boy just to seduce him.
I know this one girl Jenny, man, she gave her boyfriend blue balls so bad... she got on top of him all wet, then left him hanging... she's the definition of a tease.
by OMG_its_amyyyy August 18, 2005
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Verb definitions:-

1. To intentionally say, do or imply something that isn't accurate so as to see whether the object of the teasing believes it to be accurate.

2. To attempt to induce sexual arousal in an individual without intending to satisfy the arousal. When used in this sense, the word is customarily used to only in reference to women, but nowadays it is sometimes used by women (or gay men) in reference to men. Strictly speaking, this definition of the word is merely an extension of the first definition provided.

3. To make a sort of a combing motion, with a refining effect.

4. To extrapolate; to draw wisdom from; to extract.

Noun definition:-

Someone who is known to perform the actions detailed in the first or second verb definitions can be described as 'a tease'.
Verb examples:-

1. He said I might be able to get a job with the BBC, but I think he was only teasing me - I'm not sufficiently qualified.

2. She looked deep into my eyes and she told me that they were beautiful. She often runs her hands through my hair, but I think she is teasing me.

3. I tease my hair with a special hairbrush every morning.

4. It is difficult to tease out any firm conclusions from this experiment as there are many extraneous variables that could have influenced its outcome.

Noun example:-

You're such a tease!
by Jothelondoner May 27, 2007
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a girl who likes to see how much a guy wants her by

1. blowing kisses, playing with shirt collar, etc. and then pretending to refuse any sexual advances made to her by the guy.

2. if she and the guy are close enough, she will pretend like she's going to touch him- and then whisks her hand away and pretend like nothing happened. it makes the guys go crazy- but don't worry if a girl ever does this to you it basically means she wants it really bad, but she wants you to get so horny that you just grab her and start it on it yourself.

3. the act of doing these things
i like to tease rodney, like during the play when i got bored... we would make out for a while, and then my hand would slide down from his neck to his chest to his lower body to the inside of his thigh until he was really horny, he thought i was going to touch his cock- and then i would return my hand to its old place behind his head, and he would just get hornier knowing that there was a possibility that i was going to do it- but, i hadn't yet.
by nympho-bitch July 25, 2006
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a girl that likes to mess with guys heads to get them sexually interested and then blows them off or does stuff with other guys.
This girl Caitlen is such a tease, she gets guys to fall for her when she doesn't like them then blows them off when they try to make a move or ask her out!
by Clinton12345 August 03, 2007
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A girl who makes you think you are getting but knows you arent.

A girl who will show you the window dressing but wont let you in the store!

Similar to a bitch but even less willing although might be friendlier.
I dated a girl who wanted to go skinny dipping but didnt want to have sex.
by Cheerleader Fucker August 25, 2004
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someone who makes you think they like you, but they really don't. sometimes an overuser of the word love.
Alyssa is a big tease to me.
by duggan June 04, 2006
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A girl who always flirts with guys, but denies that shes doing it. She's usually the only girl hanging out with a group of guys.
That girl, B.S., is such a tease. She always flirts with all of the guys.
by ThatOneLonerGuy June 16, 2009
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