usually used in comparison with being horny
p1 - im horny
p2 - well im hornier
by selext February 27, 2005
Im walking a lil funny this morning girls, because my husband was hornier then a three peckered goat last night.
by canadarocks October 26, 2008
Redneck terminology used throughout the old south; simile indicating one is extremely sexually aroused (i.e., other than eating, goats like nothing more than to fuck, therefore, a two-dicked billy goat would be beside himself wanting to fuck.) A common redneck pick-up line. Most common response to this redneck pick-up line? Me, too!
ooh-wee, look at that redhead yonder....she makes me hornier than a two-dicked billy goat!
by Rusty May 12, 2003