an unexpected burst of shit while farting
i thought i had to fart. but i accidentally shited thence i "sharted"
by Harry Hardcastle January 26, 2009
When you gambled on a fart and lost, with shit coming out instead of what you thought was gas.
Denise: What's that smell?

Polly: I gambled on a fart and lost.

Denise: Eh?

Polly: You know, I sharted.
by mrausch June 1, 2009
a shart is when you got gas followed by some mud then just a little more gas.
by webster-d December 25, 2008
fart plus shit equals shart.

if you still don't know what it means you're ratchet
farting/shitting at the same time. if this happens to you, you just sharted
by June 12, 2012
when you fart so hard that a little piece of shit comes out
oh no, i just sharted all over my undershorts
by paul t. January 28, 2004
when you shit and fart at the same time
jimmy sat down and thought he farted but he really sharted
by heaven 01 March 15, 2005
when u try to fart and a little shit comes out
Dude we gotta go i sharted, ??, tryed to fart and little shit came out
by steadler0 February 19, 2008