"To finger paint is not a sin / I put my middle finger in / your monthly blood is what I win..." - Keidis
by Totakeke June 1, 2005
paint for your fingers what else????????
person 1~ I love fingerpaint

person 2~ ya its awesome<3
by anne onymouse February 9, 2015
to finger a female when she has her period.
she had blood coming out of her vagina, it was like fingerpainting.
by Ebedeee October 5, 2003
Man my finger broke through the toilet paper and I did (butthole fingerpainting) on the wall to get the shit off my fingers
by Disel2013 January 19, 2018
Like 2girls1cup, except on this one two girls paint each other with the other ones poop
I made a reaction video for 2girls fingerpaint
by howudoin January 19, 2009
The video that is similar to 2 girls 1 cup and 2 girls 1 finger but ten times more nasty. This video involves 4 girls. One female deficates into one of the other girls anal hole. The act of licking the feces takes place. This goes on. The swap it on each other tounges. They then draw on each other with the feces. The video concludes with the girls vomitting on one of the girls butt.
Hey did you see 4 Girls Fingerpaint?
You should check it out.
Cool, I will later on tonight!
by Yarianna January 13, 2008
worse than 2 girls 1 finger, and even worse than 2 girls one cup : foursome of girls eating their own feces and then proceed to paint said feces on their bodies. Vomit also included.
4 girls fingerpainting pleases any person who enjoys coprophagia.
by Brizel March 28, 2008