synonomous with butthead,butthole,asswipe...etc.etc
he's being some dumb, what a farthead
by stephanie May 8, 2004
farthead - noun; an extremely stupid and easily led individual, one who simply goes along with the crowd.
"Look at the farthead next door - he just bought a new SUV to keep up with the Joneses down the street."
by Reese Fowler December 14, 2004
1) A person that is a jerk.
2) A person who farts a lot.
3) A person who always smells bad.
1) That farthead wrote me off.
2) That farthead was at it again...
3) That kid who always smells is a farthead.
by sa;gftksajdg February 15, 2008
What a farthead! U thinks because U drives a prius, use cool---well if your(e) a taxi driver pickin up hoes in a prius--- making zillions dollah a year for uber---good for you. Farthead.
N. An extremely smelly or odorous person
2. One who has methane for brains
3. One who farts out of one's head
FFisfjdsddsd sdd djdjdjj !
by Honkers December 14, 2003
Someone doing a fart on your head, and it smells like eggs, then you get eggy pink eye.
Did you just do an eggy farthead on me? You douchebag!
by Aria Hastings June 7, 2018