23 definitions by zen

cross between a vegan and vegetarian. the result of meatless sex.
jim the hippy had a kid with sheena the vegan punk. the kid is a pure vegarian.
by zen March 02, 2005
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1) (noun):short for wingman
2) (verb):to act as wingman
3) see "wingman"
Jim: Hey, you have to help me get with Heather but her fat friend Jill won't leave us alone.

Steve: Don't worry, I'll wing for you at the bar tonight.
by zen January 01, 2007
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n. swarthy yet evil

from the latin vader, meaning evil and the greek swarthikus meaning foreboding in a informational sense and also excessive; greedy

see also swarthy
i wz restin' in tha crib when a swarth vader amble up an' swaller all the beer n' smoke all the herb passin' by to dirty the towels.
by zen January 15, 2005
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of or characterized by swarth. from the verb to swarth, meaning to accumulate at an amazing rate or obtain by ignobel means.

refers also to the practice of cracking software and firmware in the warez scenes.

it literally means of dark complexion, but is undergoing semantic shift.
yo swarthy, you swarth the last beer?

dontcha swarth up all the smokin' weed, swarthmonger.

eh swarth, can you swarth a copy of winders 98 for my consessional archive?
by zen June 11, 2005
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A philosophical paradox or logical paradox. The contradiction that the greater sentience is a result of less brute force perception and information processing, and more transcending trained language based consciousness and object oriented concepts.
You overthink your problems and you are caught in a zen hex.
by zen October 30, 2003
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A person obsessed with everything French. Especially wine, champagne, art, food, and the French language.
That francophile never shuts up about his $800 bottles of French champagne!
by zen October 05, 2004
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to be afflicted with a sudden realization that your underlying assumptions or impressions or paradigm of thought has been challenged or overthrown by something you have just become aware of.
". . . and after Davian said that, the other guy was all glassy eyed and slack jawed, like he was blown out of the frame, savvy?"

When I first saw "Apocolypse Now," it blew me out of the frame.

I could give you some examples of what all this means to the future of our business, but I don't want to blow you out of the frame.
by zen February 01, 2004
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