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A private baptist university located near Dayton, Ohio.

Although located in a remote cornfield, there are over 100 majors to choose from to keep the average student preoccupied in preparing for an exciting post-college career. The average Cedarville student will share that they have placed faith in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

In very rare occasions, Cedarville is home to individuals who either 1) flee in anger or 2) graduate in an unwanted field and have no job (see: other definitions of Cedarville). Both of these results, however, usually stem from confusion in identity, confusion in defining what 'hard work' is, or worse, confusion in determining what actually is a rich or elitist school (See: Harvard).
I want to go to Cedarville to help myself grow spiritually.


I left Taylor for Cedarville because I want to be able to write on my resume I attended a school where I was willing enough to voluntarily submit to rules.
by PiercingTheDarkness February 27, 2005
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A prominent Christian university in Ohio.

Also, an adjective to describe anyone (or anything) rich, white, and ignorant.
Check that cracker, he's so cedarville he doesn't even know who Tupac was.
by Susie the Arena Mistress January 30, 2005
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Christian university in Ohio. Filled with hypocrits and assholes. A money making machine marketing a "safe christian environment" willing to sacrifice doctrine and employees to the almighty dollar.
It is a known fact that Cedarville treats its employees like shit and doesnt give a damn about students who dont come from big money.
by Zen February 17, 2005
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