23 definitions by zen

someone who goes to 50+ concerts year
"have you seen Rachael?"
"nah she's at catfish and the bottleman concert tonight"
"she's such a concert hoe."
by zen November 23, 2015
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to be very low on or completely out of something you need
I can't go to the strip club tonight because I'm bingo on cash.
by zen January 01, 2007
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y'all from texas?
y'all a howdylander.
. . . these big doin's
by zen February 20, 2004
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A fictitious human organ whose purpose is to turn solid waste product into rancid smelling gas - which is eventually expelled through the anus.
Please excuse my awful farts...I have an overactive gliver.
by zen January 01, 2007
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the flag of no quarter. used by pirates, the red flag was flown from the pirate ship when a merchant ship pirates were targeting offered resistance.

no quarter means that the pirates intended to take no prisoners.
some buster smoke up all my smokin' weed.

show him the red flag.

no quarter for dat sucka!
by zen November 30, 2006
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A person obsessed with everything French. Especially wine, champagne, art, food, and the French language.
That francophile never shuts up about his $800 bottles of French champagne!
by zen October 05, 2004
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