23 definitions by zen

1. Captain Murphy's imaginary girlfriend on "Sea Lab 2021". Constructed from a mop and an upside down bucket with a poorly drawn face. She is somewhat of a slut.

2. Name given to the hated girlfriend or wife of a friend. Her true name is irrelevant.
1. Marrco! Get your hands off of Bucket Head Wendy!

2. He used to be cool before he hooked up with Bucket Head Wendy.
by zen February 17, 2005
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A fictitious human organ whose purpose is to turn solid waste product into rancid smelling gas - which is eventually expelled through the anus.
Please excuse my awful farts...I have an overactive gliver.
by zen January 01, 2007
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A person obsessed with everything French. Especially wine, champagne, art, food, and the French language.
That francophile never shuts up about his $800 bottles of French champagne!
by zen October 05, 2004
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Short for "nonconsensual" in fanfiction, regular fiction, or just in general referring to various kinds of relationship scenarios where one or both of the participants is forced into sex. Generally associated with rape fantasy and highly controversial.
On the whole, relationships in fanfiction are between two consenting individuals, but there is the occasional noncon.
by zen November 29, 2004
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the flag of no quarter. used by pirates, the red flag was flown from the pirate ship when a merchant ship pirates were targeting offered resistance.

no quarter means that the pirates intended to take no prisoners.
some buster smoke up all my smokin' weed.

show him the red flag.

no quarter for dat sucka!
by zen November 30, 2006
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paisley PCOAT peskalunge PCOAT
by zen November 20, 2004
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