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1) The final stage of any dramatic event.
2) The final stage of a chess game, usually after a significant reduction in material.
Jack slept with a dirty woman which forced him into the endgame of his already pathetic life.
by Zen January 2, 2007
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n. swarthy yet evil

from the latin vader, meaning evil and the greek swarthikus meaning foreboding in a informational sense and also excessive; greedy

see also swarthy
i wz restin' in tha crib when a swarth vader amble up an' swaller all the beer n' smoke all the herb passin' by to dirty the towels.
by Zen January 15, 2005
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of or characterized by swarth. from the verb to swarth, meaning to accumulate at an amazing rate or obtain by ignobel means.

refers also to the practice of cracking software and firmware in the warez scenes.

it literally means of dark complexion, but is undergoing semantic shift.
yo swarthy, you swarth the last beer?

dontcha swarth up all the smokin' weed, swarthmonger.

eh swarth, can you swarth a copy of winders 98 for my consessional archive?
by Zen June 11, 2005
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v. (1) To be left in the dust, as in a race or other competition.

(2) Can also be used in the general sense meaning to suck or to lose.

(3) To remove something's momentum (usually in combination with "out of their sails").

(4) A negative dismissal in the tradition of fuck off or go to hell, but without the obscenity.
(1) That last hill on the cross country course left me sucking wind as I watched everybody pass me.

(2) This traffic sucks wind.

(3) He was going to go straight down into the avalanche zone for the camera, but the ski patrol guy sucked the wind right out of his sails.

(4) Oh yeah? Well, tell them to go suck wind.
by Zen November 17, 2004
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1. to kill you.
2. or to hurt your face real bad.
often used as a threat or description.
1. Motherfucker, if you don't put down the lung, I'll murder your face!
2. I was in the club and smashed a motherfucker's head down on a martini glass. Man, you murdered his face!!
by Zen December 4, 2004
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the flag of no quarter. used by pirates, the red flag was flown from the pirate ship when a merchant ship pirates were targeting offered resistance.

no quarter means that the pirates intended to take no prisoners.
some buster smoke up all my smokin' weed.

show him the red flag.

no quarter for dat sucka!
by Zen December 1, 2006
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