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This is the phrase used by pathetic men who cannot get any action from their significant other and therefore, as a last resort, feel that they need to beg for it.

Woman : "You can try all you want but I'm just not ready!!"

Man : "I'm begging you! Baby please!! Think of all the men at work!! They're laughing at me!!!!"

Woman : "No!"

Man cries.
by ZCMC March 11, 2009
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A noun or action used to describe a man that enjoys getting nude and shaking his penis in front of everybody, including other men.

"Look at you! Waving your prick in front of everybody!! You are such a Yearwood!

Jack : "Dude, you should go over to that chick and totally do a Yearwood.
Idiot : "Sure dude, i'll do that!"
(10 seconds later)
Idiot : "Owwww! My face!"
by ZCMC January 31, 2009
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To perform a cold finger, both a male and female must be present. The male must put his index and middle finger in the freezer or in ice cold water for 2 to 3 minutes. After the time has passed, the male must immediately finger the girl with the two frozen fingers, making her feel a tickling frosty sensation!!
I gave my girl the cold finger yesterday and froze the inside of her pussy!
by ZCMC March 08, 2009
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A bing bang bumcee refers to a woman's ass/bottom that is overly huge but looks utterly delicious. It is a huge compliment to tell a woman that she has a bing bang bumcee and the follow up line to get instant action is to say that you are a bing bang bumcee kind of man!
"Girls that have a bing bang bumcee make me happy!"
by ZCMC March 06, 2009
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A france is used in place of the words 'a fuck' in situations where using obscene language would be highly inappropriate.
In a classroom

Teacher: Students, you all must be specific in your answers. The examiners DO NOT GIVE A FRANCE whether you pass or fail!!

Students silently chuckle.
by ZCMC March 10, 2009
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This refers to when you beat up someone that you had already beat up recently.
I knocked that asshole the fuck out and then i shouted at his unconscious cunt to apologize!..but he did not answer so i had to rebeat his stupid ass!!
by ZCMC March 10, 2009
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Saying that u have a sore throat so that you don't have to say a speech or talk but also to get people to shut the fuck up so that u can talk.
(In a school)

Child shouts, 'I am superman!' and gets up off his sit while slowly ripping off his school uniform

Teacher: Little boy, you sit your ass down!!!

Students laugh at the teacher's outburst and continue their talking.

Teacher: Silence class, I am not well enough for this, i have a sore throat (Cough)(Cough)

Random Student: Ha ha ha what a convenient sore throat miss!

Teacher: Silence!!
by ZCMC April 01, 2009
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