34 definition by zac

a robot sent back in time hopefully to kill all poofters, this bad ass robot dont take no shit from nobody
geese, i wish i was the terminator

kailan wishes to one day have bumsex with the terminators metal ass
by zac September 21, 2003

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Strut Tower Brace - a car part used to improve the handling of a car. sometimes you will see FSTB or RSTB meaning Front or Rear strut tower brace.
My piece of crap honda civic has a front strut tower brace on it.
by Zac June 26, 2003

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that act of smacking something with the palm of the hand
I slapped her ass because it was nice looking.
by Zac February 10, 2003

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To cheat someone, or to not be truthful with.
"Hey! I loaned you five bucks and you only gave me back four. Whadaya trying to do, slick leg me?"
by zac March 02, 2005

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Some one who definitely doesn't take her music seriously and would rather resort to being a whore to the major music industry much like the Backstreet Boys or Nsync.
The world most surely needs more Avrils to spark wannabe punks into buying worthless shit in a prepackaged, frilly, disk of truly heartfelt singles written by people possibly with no distinct dynamical appoarch to music.
by zac March 13, 2005

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Big Black Jewish Cock.
I love my boyfriends BBJC.
by Zac March 15, 2005

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bonesaw, you just got bonesawed
(see bonesawed)
by Zac January 03, 2005

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