35 definitions by zac

feeling, sensation

the art of feeling rather nipply.
similar to nipplelicious.
It is rather titilicious outside!
by zac January 11, 2004
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Strut Tower Brace - a car part used to improve the handling of a car. sometimes you will see FSTB or RSTB meaning Front or Rear strut tower brace.
My piece of crap honda civic has a front strut tower brace on it.
by zac June 26, 2003
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derogatory name for an african-american
equivalent to nigger
That fucking dinosaur wouldn't stop trying to sell me crack.
by zac March 12, 2005
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one who collects and/or hords sex

that chick jamie, she a sex monger
by zac January 07, 2005
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One who is great at a certain sport.

Phenomenal - Phenom
Jim is a phenom at the beutiful sport of cricket.
by zac March 16, 2005
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