35 definitions by zac

One who is great at a certain sport.

Phenomenal - Phenom
Jim is a phenom at the beutiful sport of cricket.
by zac March 16, 2005
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Concerning Paintball: Verb meaning to Aggresivley eliminate your oppnonents.
Damn son, you just got Mowed.
I Mow Fools.
by zac July 16, 2004
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A variation of hardcore elecronic with a tendency towards noisier sound textures, and generally more varied and inventive rythms and arrangements.
Not to be confused with "Noisecore" its metal counterpart.
DJ Promo, Noize Creator, Enoid, Slepcy, Igor, Low Entropy
by zac November 30, 2003
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oh, i shagged my mates wife last night
jesus, thats not on
by zac November 24, 2003
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Another word for a bush, or overly grown pubic hair around the crotch or vaginal area.
When i stuck my hand down her pants, i felt a huge afro.
by zac May 21, 2003
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