34 definition by zac

To destroy the credibility of someone as a human being by action or comment.

Not to be confused with illegitimize which means to go back in time and unmarry someone's parents and to make them a bastard see Frank.
Vincent: <generic insult>
Zac: "Why don't you just call me gay?"
Vincent "..."
Zac: "Deligitimized"
by Zac March 31, 2003

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One who thinks they are the head hunchos, and when they are head hunchos they continuously make fools of themselves.
Those girls over there are like ifafunks
by zac March 16, 2005

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Someone who lives in putnam county,FL or is absolutely retarded and extremely poor ex:the cacti from mario brothers series or any crackheads,hobo's,fuktards
Ol blackie,the cringle, tryed to jack my shit so I busted a cap.
by Zac January 17, 2004

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a very ugly piece of not goodness
Brian Alland your such a bonanny.
by zac November 30, 2003

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Concerning Paintball: Verb meaning to Aggresivley eliminate your oppnonents.
Damn son, you just got Mowed.
I Mow Fools.
by Zac July 16, 2004

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even more kringle then cringle.Like a cripple cringle.Like a hobo with no legs who trys to run from the cops.The only thing more cringle then kringle is Kapt. K. Kringle.Who is a retarded redneck with one eye and no arms who smokes crack with his stubs in a tent pitched on someone else's property.Also,kringle can be used to describe a neighborhood as extremely ghetto.
Bo,the junkie,bought some crack from a one-legged,mud-covered,kringle.
by Zac January 17, 2004

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When a dancing peanut has various adventures. pbjdance.com
It's peanut butter k-y jelly time
by zac August 10, 2003

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