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Originating from the recent allegations against basketball star Kobe Bryant, this was taken from the police transcrips during his interview. The "Kobe" is a specific sexual act which the athlete enjoys with his women. The male releases his "product" onto the face of the woman he is with.
We were watching a porn and the asian got Kobe'd.
by Zac October 05, 2004

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a sexy beast with low credibility

saturday afternoon boredness has brought these types to the forefront of hiphop message board rejects
ssthug2k3, em&em44, Clouded, sIcKsPiTtEr12
by zac October 26, 2003

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derogatory name for an african-american
equivalent to nigger
That fucking dinosaur wouldn't stop trying to sell me crack.
by zac March 12, 2005

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this flappy thing that i pull out during school and give a wack
quote kailan- my penis's 13cm erection is 90% foreskin
by zac September 21, 2003

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One of the best goddam shows on the planet. Even though it is fake some of us like to enjoy it so don't ruin it for us you WWE haten Crackers. Includes greats like Batista, The Undertaker, John Cena, and Randy Ortan.
Don't fuck with the WWE bitck. WWWWWOOOOOOOOOO
by Zac April 07, 2005

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Another word for a bush, or overly grown pubic hair around the crotch or vaginal area.
When i stuck my hand down her pants, i felt a huge afro.
by Zac May 21, 2003

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