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Someone who has a mix of Blonde and Red hair. Gets around all the negatives of being a ginger in younger years but grows into the soul sucking lifestyle after puberty.
DAVE: Why do I get a creepy vibe from you?
KERMIT: Probably because im a Kringle!
DAVE: What is a Kringle?
KERMIT: A Kringle is someone who plays the fence of normal society by having half blonde hair but deep down will always be weird and socially unaccepted due to my ginger roots.
by McLovinDeez July 14, 2018
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A danish pastry made and sold in Racine, WI. Usually contains fruit or nut filling and is frosted; may be filled with cream cheese or chocolate. Generally comes in a oval ring that is about 18" long.
Let's order some kringle from! mmmm....
by Pammm January 27, 2007
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v. To cringe at the thought of participating in any lame holiday events.

I kringle when I think of singing carols at the homeless shelter. It makes me think of my own bleak childhood. So many bad "Drummer Boy" renditions at the home. Hadn't we suffered enough?
by gnostic 1 December 13, 2012
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"Im the real Santa yes Im the real Kringle
All you fly girls like my balls cause they Jingle"
by ---SeX--- May 12, 2004
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A kringle is when feces gets attached to ones butt hair and dries there.
After mooning the principal, we noticed Alex had kringles on his butt, apparently from being too hairy and not correctly wiping his butt.
by George HK July 10, 2008
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