1. adj. Lacking in quality, usually pertaining to weed or other street drugs.

2. adj. Qualitatively negative; bad; lame; shitty.
1. "Don't gimme no bammer weed - we don't smoke no shit in the SFC."

2. This shit is hella bammer.
by Bok Bok December 15, 2002
The lowest of the lowest weed or marijuana there is. Not weed that does not mess you up, but the kind that will give your a headache after you have smoked it. There is a difference between bad weed and bammer weed. Bad weed is just week and lacks potency.
"Dont give me no bammer weed, we dont smoke that shit in the SFC!"
-RBL Posse
by Kevin Wong August 10, 2005
usually meaning bad, not good, bad quality weed.
"Man big Tom hooked us up with some bammer shit"
by nichole December 29, 2005
A term used in the Southeast U.S. to describe arrogant, redneck fans of the University of Alabama football program. Most bammers have never set foot on the school's campus, much less taken a class or graduated from there, and don't care about any sport other than football. A bammer usually can't tell you anything about the University of Alabama unless it is football related. More intelligent bammers may know that the school is in Tuscaloosa, but don't count on it. Despite having absolutely no affiliation with the school besides liking their football team, bammers use the word "we" when talking about Bama football. They will also pick a fight over "their" school, especially if you talk smack about Bear Bryant. Bammers have a deep-seated hatred for Auburn football, often referring to anyone affiliated with Auburn as a "barner," and are very sore losers. You are most likely to find bammers in trailer parks, and in line to collect either unemployment or welfare.
No, he didn't even graduate high school. He's just a bammer.
by JuniperPaw November 11, 2010
One who cheers for the crimson tide. Usually clad in houndstooth clothing with a mullet tucked under their "bear bryant" hat. Traditionally uneducated
So glad i'm a bammer so it's drink beer, shoot deer and ROLL TIDE ROLL.

I'm definitely a bammer because i quit high school at 14 and now my life revolves around a college i've never even attended. ROLL TIDE

I'm a bammer because i believe in Bear bryant, nick saban and jesus christ in that order.
by large phil November 29, 2011
Someone who says something stupid, does something stupid, or dresses stupid.

Also applies with "Bammer of the week"
Yuppi whiteboy you are our number one contenda fo bammer of da week.
by beyondferocity July 8, 2003
Going crazy, going insane, going hammer, going nuts
Me and Ty went so bammer last night in pong.

Man that party last night was so bammer.
by Paulyyyy D December 31, 2011